How CKL Airsoft Founded

The year was 2004, city of Flores da Cunha, Southern Brazil a group of friends who practice paintball join the initiative to found a team, this team gets the name of Cockland in free translation "Land of the Rooster", in honor of nickname of the city of Flores da Cunha, where the founders live. As soon as founded, Cockland already makes its first participation in the world of paintball in the event "Black Hawk Down" organized by the CZ community of greater Porto Alegre, seeking excellence in the sport Cockland begins to increase its participation in paintball games in the south from the country .

In November 2007 Cockland now an experienced team promotes its first paintball event called “Furia dos Balkans” where it brought together players from the southern region of Flores da Cunha, the event had 30 participants. Cockland didn't stop there , with more and more interested in the sport, the team increased its staff and began to occupy the space of the Flores da Cunha rodeo park as a scenario for games and training, the park had 140 houses and a part of forest which made it a great draw for every kind of gameplay.

In October 2010 Cockland promotes the first edition of the “Batle of Rwanda” at the rodeo park, bringing together around 100 paintball players from all over Brazil, the game's plot was inspired by the civil war in Rwanda an African country. Eastern. Cockland was also beginning its participation at the national level, one of the events that mark the memory of the team in paintball mode is the "Big Game" of Santa Catarina, which was held in the city of Joinville.

Seeking to improve the simulation of war games, Cockland began to invest in equipment import and team standardization, featuring players best characterized by a royal military lodaut. In 2011 Cockland organized the “Batle of Rwanda II” as a sequel to the first event's plot, reaching around 200 national-level participants, further strengthening the friendships of the paintball community in Brazil. The following year the “Batle of Rwanda III” is launched now with an average of 300 participants, this would be the last paintball event organized by Cockland, thus ending the team's participation in paintball.

The year 2011 would be the watershed in Cockland, with the arrival of the first equipment of Airsoft the team is pioneer in Serra Gaucha segment, at that same time with the change of mode also changes the team name, now the team becomes called CKL Airsoft Team.

CKL in 2012 then promotes the first Airsoft war game, “Batle of Rwanda IV”, preserving the style of the first events, with an average of 250 national-level participants, CKL consolidates itself as major event organizers, and also participating in game events and Brazilian events. In 2013, with the recognition and trust of the country's airsoft community, CKL launches the “Batle of Rwanda V” the largest national event of the time and considered the best of editions by participating operators, In this event there was the participation of combat vehicles to support the 300 players which was a great success.

In 2014 CKL began its international participation in Airsoft, its first event was “Operation Unitas” in the city of Iquique, Chile, organized by Rota de la Sangre, in the Atacama Desert with two intense days of combat, the following year In 2015, CKL would be part of the “Operation Undercover Vietnam”, in Uruguay, Chui city were also two days of combat organized by FARC and TotenKopff. In the same year, CKL took a break from the “Batle of Rwanda” event and helped organize and create the Minotaurus operation with the Tauras team, which would become one of the country's biggest Airsoft event. From 2015 CKL participates in more complex events that demanded a bit more from participants such as boat combat, amphibious assaults and airborne missions, as merit CKL wins recognition in one of the sport's specialized magazines called “Airsoft International”. ”Based in England, composing one of the pages with the photo of the team in the operation“ Pirate Hunters ”.

In February 2019, CKL Airsoft officially became the CKL Airsoft Association, based in Flores da Cunha and legally over-the-top, this initiative aims to keep CKL's name alive in the Brazilian Airsoft community and Sierra Gaucha, ensuring generations future people carry this reason that makes everyone who has been in the group proud and still active, maintaining and following the principles conceived by their founders.

CKL seeks to increase its participation in international events while honoring Brazilian and local events. The goal is to have a very strong and united group in partnership with teams around the world for the sport, one of its principles is to maintain a brotherhood among all participants with a strong bond of friendship as a family, to one end which is fun and leisure.




Union is the biggest meaning of the word "strength", 15 years of the formation CKL Airsoft Team.